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918-16 Avenue NW, Calgary AB T2M 0K3
Mailbox Rent


  • Convenient location means easy pick up during business hours.
  • A secure address means less worry about receiving important mail
  • An address rather than a PO box number / a commercial address rather than an apartment or residential address.
  • Use this commercial address to register with Google Maps.
  • The anonymity of a PO box rather than home delivery.
  • Receipt of small deliveries and freight when you are not available to receive them.
  • Travelers can have their mail secure and then forwarded as requested.
  • A variety of other services custom tailored to your particular needs.
  • Organic ORANGE TKO Products available here

Mail Box rentals are available in three sizes:

Personal size - 4" X 5" X 14" deep - $22.00 per month

Business size - 6" X 51/2" X 14" deep - $27.00 per month

Corporate size - 12" X 5" X 14" deep - $33.00 per month

Refundable Key Deposits - mailbox & 24 hour -  $25.00 per key

We accept payment for a minimum of three months or you may pay for six, twelve or anything in between.

We accept the following payment: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Cash, Debit, Bank Draft, Cheque with approval or Emial Money Transfer. If paying by money order outside Canada, an INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER is required, not US Postal etc.

For items too large to fit in your mail box, we reserve appropriate space at a minimal fee and keep them secure until pick up or forwarding is arranged. We also have 27 secure lockers for parcel pick up 24 hours per day.

Mail receiving and holding. Phone in mail check, ordinary street address (no need to use apt #, suite # box # etc), courier / parcel receiving and holding.

We can receive and re-ship or unpack and re-distribute for you with our experienced staff.

Privacy and Confidentiality Assured.

Questions? cmb@calgarymailbox.ca