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·         All fees for services shall be paid in advance, are non-refundable and do not include applicable taxes (GST etc).

·         If you do not give  30 DAYS notice  to cancel your mailbox prior to the renewal period and a new term begins, all fees are non-refundable.

·         All mail and/or packages for mail holding and or forwarding may be returned to the sender when the client account is not current.

·         All rents are payable in advance. If at the expiry date of any term, the client fails to give notice of cancellation, Calgary Mail Box Courier will consider the agreement for a like term. Mailbox will be renewed for the same term – 3, 6, 12 months etc. Minimum 30 days noticeis required within the rental period to cancel a mailbox rental service.

·         Client affirms that all business – personal or professional will be conducted in a lawful manner.

·         In the event of any violation of this agreement the client agrees to assume full responsibility for any such violation and to indemnify, save harmless and hold blameless Calgary Mail Box Courier and any of its officials and or employees thereof.

·         Mail box rental is considered in arrears when any amount is owing and is considered delinquent after 30 days of non payment.

·         There will be a charge of $35.00 for any NSF Cheques.

·         Penalties for late payment are $5.00 after 30 days to 60 days; $10.00 after 60 days to 90 days; and $15.00 after 90 days.

·         Mail will be “on hold” after 30 days non-payment and mail box is considered delinquent after 30 days and may be closed. You must contact us if circumstances arise and payment is not possible in time to prevent loss of privileges.

·         Once a mailbox rental is delinquent the account and late fee must be paid todate and the mailbox will then be reopened for a one year term only.

·         When a mailbox is in arrears, any Key Deposit will be forfeited and applied to the arrears of the account. Key Deposit will then be no longer refundable.

·         Mailbox clients’ information is confidential and will not be disclosed except when legally compelled or required.

·         Calgary Mail Box Courier reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time for violation to the terms and conditions of said agreement.

·         Calgary Mailbox reserves the right to close a mailbox and cancel service at any time and for any reason deemed necessary.